Refund Policy

The amount we collect from you will be refunded, if any of your single issue has not been resolved in the first week of the subscription. If there are multiple resolved issues, however, the subscription charges will be refunded after a deduction of a one time support charge ($99.99). The amount of the deduction will be decided on sole discretion of the company and is decided on case to case basis. The minimum amount of deduction can also be revised anytime. We don't keep you credit card information and your card will not be charged without your acknowledgement and authorization. We are very proud of the technical expertise of our employees and will endeavor to do everything we can to resolve the technical problems that are preventing you from getting the most out of your equipment. We are here at your service. Our refund policy is very simple. When our technicians have completed their work on your device(s) the call will be transferred to a customer service representative. You will be asked if the work that has been performed on your device(s) is satisfactory and that the device(s) are performing satisfactorily. If your answer is no, we will offer to refund the full amount you were charged or the opportunity to keep working to resolve the issue to your satisfaction at that time or at a later time convenient for you. The choice would be entirely yours. If the answer is yes (you are satisfied with the work done) we will warranty our work for seven days. If the same issue re-surfaces within the next seven days we will work to fix it at no additional charge to you. If we cannot fix the issue we will refund the full amount you were charged. You are entitled to a refund only if you contact us within the seven day period and we are unable to fix the issue.
No refunds would be given after the seven day period or if you do not contact us within the seven day period upon the reoccurrence of the problem.

RestoreServeis always there to support you in any way we can,if you are dissatisfied with our service we would like to know that. You can contact our customer service center 24x7 at +10800 368 8565

We, at SaneSupport, are committed to protect your privacy. For us, you privacy is very important. The privacy policy applies to the services at SaneSupport. and applications which are used internally to manage your contact information. Our policy statement explains how your personal information is collected and used by RestoreServeLLC. We always believed that your privacy is important. Personal Information Collected We take information from you in various ways like applications and request forms on our website www.bristotechonologies.com We collect your personal information from you directly that you provide on our website. Information we collect includes name, email address, and other demographic information such as your education, your date of birth, preferences, gender, and interests, and other information. Some information are automatically be collected by the web browsers. The web browsers have standard settings to send information to of website you visit including Consumer Care E.g. the internet protocol (IP) address of your computer, access times, browser type, and language, and referring website addresses. Some ties, we also collect information about the operating system of your computers and information about your usage and activity on our Sites. TYPES OF INFORMATION RestoreServeCOLLECTS Information You Provide

We will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you (``personal information``) or allows us to contact you. In order to use the Services, the user must first typically register or provide certain identifying information. For online registration, we ask you to provide contact details (such as First and Last name, E-mail address, Postal address, Personal identifier etc.). RestoreServeuses this information to contact you regarding the product and/or services you have requested. This includes re-registration/renewal notifications, special offers, and surveys on improving our Services. PAYMENT INFORMATION: If you register for the Services, RestoreServemay collect credit card information, and other payment information. Like many companies, RestoreServemay use third party payment processing, payment gateways transactions to process and verify credit cards on our behalf. RestoreServeuses payment information to complete your transactions. Computer and System Information

We may also ask for information related to your (user) computer to provide the Service. As examples, this information may include: • information about the date of purchase of your computer, • type of computer • identification number of your computer • make and model of your computer and/or any computer hardware, • software installed or peripherals attached to it, • condition of the computer, • system and registry data about software installations and hardware configurations, and error tracking files. Generally, this information is required to provide personalized technical support to you, and to help us update our support tools and enhance our supported products lists.

Who we are

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Why choose us

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Our Awesome Team

Meet with our qualified and expert team. We are specialized in our individual field. We have enough skill and tested. That’s why you’re getting the quality repair services.


Alexender Gary

CEO & Founder


Mellissa Munoz

Chief Engineer


John Abraham

Technical Manager


Silvia Stan

Office Manager

Our Process

Easy and effective way to get your device repaired


when your device is need to be fixed please no panic and relaxed


Send the device to us which you need to be fixed and stay calm


We will take care of it and work with it to fix it smooth and accurately


After a quick fix, we just return it to your destination fast and securely

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